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About Arsenal Baseball

In 2015, the Arlington Arsenal started with one team. It was an 11U team that traveled locally and grew with every game they played. That team went on to wins some and lose some, but has laid the groundwork for the Arlington Arsenal Baseball Club. Arlington Arsenal has evolved from it’s inception in 2015.  Where we started with just one team, we have now expanded to six. The strength of our program lies in our commitment in developing players and building confidence through hard work and dedication. We take great pride in the Arlington Arsenal.  We strive to build a tradition and culture of baseball excellence that has been developed as a result of hard work by many outstanding players, the dedication of coaches, the unwavering assistance of our sponsors and the commitment and support of parents. The common purpose of all those involved is to put players in a position to compete, whereby gaining confidence with success and learning from failure. We believe our staff puts players in the best position to succeed on and off the field.